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Gloxy 500mm f/6.3 Telephoto Mirror Lens

Quick overview:
  • Super-telephoto lens compatible with APS-C and full frame sensor cameras
  • Fixed focal length of 500mm, to capture high detail at great distances
  • Perfect for astrophotography, wildlife and sports
  • ED element to reduce CA and increase sharpness
  • White color prevents overheating
  • T2 Mounts for Canon, Nikon, Sony E, Sony A, Pentax, Micro 4/3, Panasonic, Fuji X, Samsung NX and Olympus


For all those photographers looking for a way to enter the world of wildlife photography or astrophotography, we bring you the the perfect solution. Capture subjects at great distances with optimal quality and get detailed photos of closer subjects without the need to be on top of them

The Gloxy 500mm f/6.3 mirror lens delivers the highest quality at a price that you can afford.


  • Gloxy 500mm f/6.3 telephoto lens for long-distance photos with superb quality
  • Ideal for all those who want to start in wildlife photography or astrophotography
  • Optics composed of 7 elements in 6 groups
  • Multi-layer coating to minimize unwanted reflections
  • Perfect for photos of nature, wildlife, sports of the night sky
  • ED (Extra-low Dispersion) Element, for lower CA and higher image quality
  • Minimum focusing distance of 1.86m (6'- 1") lets you capture macro photos
  • Compact, lightweight design lets you shoot without a tripod
  • White lens barrel helps prevent overheating

Ideal for astrophotography, since its aperture of f/6.3 gathers ample light while providing good depth of field. Of course, it's also very useful for any other type of photography that requires high magnification. You can position yourself at a sufficient distance to avoid distracting your subjects, for more candid and natural photos. You can even capture striking close-ups and macro-photography, with its minimum focusing distance of 1.86m (6.1ft), allowing you to capture details without getting too close.

Gloxy 500mm f6-3

With 7 elements in 6 groups, this 500mm f/6.3 telephoto lens delivers images with wonderful contrast and clarity. An Extra-low Dispersion element reduces chromatic abberation, resulting in sharper images and improved color reproduction. Your long-distance photos will come to life with brilliant, realistic color and incredible sharpness.

It's designed for maximum control and smooth handling, with a weight of only 24.9 ouncesand compact size of 4.6" x 3.9". This manageable design is enhanced with an anti-slip rubber grip, to allow one-hand operation, even when attaching and removing it from the camera body. It's easy to carry with you no matter where you go and has all the features you'd expect from a much more expensive lens.

Gloxy 500mm f6-3

This is the perfect lens for photographers of any skill level, offering professional handling and image quality with the ease of use to help you improve your technique. With its quick, precise manual focus, you can rest assured that your images will be as sharp as possible, every time.

Gloxy 500mm f6-3

The Gloxy 500mm Mirror Telephoto Lens is ideal for the budding amateur or seasoned professional. It's compatible with APS-C and full frame cameras and is available for Canon, Nikon, Pentax, Sony A, Sony NEX and even Micro 4/3 cameras. With your choice of T2 Adapter, you'll be set up and ready to shoot in seconds!

Additional Information

Lens type Zoom lens
Sensor APS-C and Full-Frame
Camera mount No
Minimum aperture No
Maximum aperture No
Distancia focal fija No
Focal distance No
Minimum focus distance No
Number of diaphragm blades No
Lens structure (elements / groups) No
Number of low dispersion lenses No
Number of aspheric elements No
Diameter No
Image stabilizer No
Angle of view No
Angle of view horizontal No
Angle of view vertical No
Enlargement Ratio No
Approach No
Dimensions (Height x Diameter) No
Peso No

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