All the functionalities you need
at an unbeatable price

Flash Gloxy TR-985 TTL 360°

  • Very user-friendly
  • Compatible with all Canon and Nikon cameras
  • Extremely powerful output
  • Compatible with second curtain sync.
  • High speed continuous shooting
  • Ultra-fast recycling time

Buy one now and get a FREE diffuser: 119€

And overall because it will practically offer the same as a 500€ flash,
but for 119€

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  • Excellent, Excellent, Excellent. I can not recommend it enough.slu2798 | user
  • Perfectly covers all professional and amateur| Forum of Canon users, Spain
  • Works perfectly.sayipreci| German user
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The Gloxy TR-985 is the best option
not only for professionals but
also for photography students.

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